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We bring art to the community to make it a safer space for us all, but we can't do it without your help. Come volunteer with us to bring about positive change together.

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Annandale Community Art Project

We're on a mission to make Annandale a beautiful and safe community through a 7 year effort. By getting to know the people through a series of workshops and events, we hope to create meaningful and artistic landmarks that can bring back life to the community.

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A group of children painting on a small house

Culmore Community Painting

Two children painting on an open canvas.

CAFE artists and local children created a community painting at the Culmore Community Day.

LOVE, Community Sculpture

LOVE spelled out as large multi-color color sculptures.

CAFE artists and volunteers created Virginia LOVE sign with Culmore community children, and the completed artwork was exhibited at the Frying Pan Farm Park for a month.

Colorful Neighborhood, Mural

Based on a theory, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), we designed and created a mural in a culturally marginalized area.

Rising Moon, Dance Performance

We were proud to host the Nanuri Dance Company's performance of "Rising Moon" (달 이는 달), a Korean contemporary dance! The performance was a celebration of the arts from both South and North Korea as the dancers were shadowed by imagery from the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910) through to the Korean War (1950) and into the present.

Nanuri Dance Company (NCD) was established in 2005 under the motto "Communicate and Share Together." They are a professional dance company that performs a diverse repertoire of traditional and modern Korean dance with a unique focus on collaborations with actors and educators. NDC aspires to produce and present sustainable and social dances that will reach the hearts of everyone in the community.

Annandale Art Day

During the park’s Arts Day on Saturday, several local families played games, worked on puzzles, painted rocks, decorated bike helmets, and worked on communal paintings and chalk drawings on a wall and parking lot – while music teacher Andy Yoon entertained them on the park’s outdoor piano.

We were able to organize this event in collaboration with the county parks and transportation departments and all of our amazing volunteers!